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You, Yes You! You Are Wanted for the New Maltose Falcons Board!

It's election time coming up soon for the Maltose Falcons Board!!! Those of you who would like to serve are encouraged to start thinking about either being on the Board. Or nominating one of your fellow Falcons who you think would do a great job.  Elections will be in September, so you have time to consider what position would suit you best or as I said before, another Falcon who you think could do a great job in any of the positions.  Start thinking now Falcons!!!

Ciao Cristina's First Beer Dinner (30% Discount for Falcons Members)

Here is an announcement for a beer dinner next Sunday May 16th in Burbank at Ciao Cristina's owned by Falcon- Alan Donavan...
        The featured brewery is Greene King Brewery from the UK, their most popular beer is Old Speckled Hen, Alan serves it on nitrogen. Head Brewer John Bexon will be there and I assume some of the brewery's other great beer offerings. 

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