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The Maltose Falcons are the 2010 Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year!!!

Anchor Brewing announced at the California State Homebrew Competion at Stern Grove yesterday that the Maltose Falcons have been chosen as the 2010 Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year!  Long time Falcon Steve Casselman was on hand to accept on the club's behalf, and drain a ceremonial mug of beer.

Work Shirt Name Patch - Please read and reply if you want a shirt (even if you don't want a patch)!

 Drew put up the poll on the shirts so that I could get a better idea of the size breakdown and get the order going, , but the poll feature doesn't allow for the name patch info.  So, this Blog entry will be used to that end.  Please reply with the name you want on your name patch, and the size shirt.  Yes, I realize you probably already checked what size you wanted in the poll, but the poll doesn't collect your name, and we need to get the right patch on the right size shirt.  Also, if your username is not the same as your real name, please include it.

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