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The Maltose Falcons are the 2010 Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year!!!

Anchor Brewing announced at the California State Homebrew Competion at Stern Grove yesterday that the Maltose Falcons have been chosen as the 2010 Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year!  Long time Falcon Steve Casselman was on hand to accept on the club's behalf, and drain a ceremonial mug of beer.

The actual award presentation will be made at Anchor Brewing in February, we anticipate the date will be Saturday, February 19, more details much later, we're busy with a little prelim celebration at the Brew Shop, finishing up the Board Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Brew! (say that 3 times real fast, after drinking big IPAs, Saisons and Barleywines all day!)

The Board


Drew Beechum's picture

We rock!

rev_joe's picture

 I hope this means a new T-shirt!

Drew Beechum's picture

I hope this means new tie-dye! :)

Brewgyver's picture

If this means new tie-dye, then that means I probably have to stop eating...

til February!

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