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Yeast Ranching

I just finished rereading the great posts here by the Raines Man on Yeast propagation and maintenance.  SWEET.  Thanks Rainey.  It made my day.

Having just ordered an All-American 21-1/2-Quart presure cooker from Amazon, will be set up for real yeast ranching.  I will now be able to make up a big batch of DME starter wort for some stir plate madness yeast starters.  Now that is going to be extra nice.

Thanks for all the info.




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 Oh yeah, MB's yeast culturing articles are a must-read for the serious homebrewer.  MB is a microbiologist, used to teach at UCLA, and we are fortunate to have her in the club.  And MB Raines is not a man.  MB stands for MariBeth.  If you go to Falcon functions, keep an eye out for her, she shows up now and then even though she lives out of town nowadays.

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