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Anchor Brewing Sold!

The folks at Beer & Nosh posted this news today - Anchor's been sold!


Eep! - What will this mean for the future of the California Homebrew Club of the Year? What does this mean for all our friends at Anchor?

And see what I meant about us reaching that magic point for the first generation of craft brewers? Anderson Valley sold and now Anchor! It will be an interesting period to see the effect this has on the spirit of Craft Brewing


CTDFalconer's picture

Ugh, marketers.  From what I've read of the purchasers so far, they seem to in it more from the marketing angle.  They started in beverages with vodka, for pete's sake.  If there isn't a clearer (no pun intended) example of a purely marketing-driven beverage product than vodka, I can't think of it.  But if they, as creatures of the market, feel it's a solid investment, then they should want to preserve its marketable mystique.  Anchor has enormous brand equity as a quality-before-quantity top-shelf label, and they could easily dilute that by taking it in a mass-marketed direction.  We'll see how much pressure to grow they will bring to the table.  How much more production capacity can they wring out of the current facility?  Will they alienate their die-hardest fan base (us!) by cutting down on public relations events and corporate largesse (Cal HB Club of the Year)?  They will probably try to make the calculation of which costs more, carrying it on or cutting us loose.  All we can do is wait and see.  I won't try to second-guess the intentions of the new owners.  I will make no predictions.  Just keep an eye on 'em.

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What an atrocity! I hope that Anchor will be allowed to continue their fine tradition of craft brewing with the original recipes from Fritz and crew. I don't know what Fritz was thinking unless he really wanted to retire. Why not sell the brewery to the employees like Full Sail did? I am shuddering to think what may happen to this fine historical brewery.

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