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Cleaning your Counter Flow Chiller

Seriously folks, if I read one more person saying that running a few gallons of boiling water through their CFC is sufficient to both clean and sanitize their chillers, I'm going to cry.

Look at the bottom of your kettles over time. See all that stuff in there? That same stuff (to a lesser extent) is forming in your CFC as well.

So, the Drew method  of cleaning and preparing a CFC.

1) Recirculate hot PBW (~140F) solution through a pump and the CFC assembly.

2) Circulate/Push hot water through the system for 5 minutes

3) Circulate Sani-Clean Solution for 10-20 minutes (I typically just let it run for most of the boil cause I'm forgetful that way)

4) Use and flush immediately with hot water and then re-circulate the Sani-clean

5) Use CO2 to blow out the chiller and store dry.


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