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Get Ready to Rumble

Coming back from Minneapolis here's the big word...

Next year's AHA Conference is in our neighborhood - San Diego.

Yes, we'll be involved and brewing and who knows what else. So get ready and no excuses since you've got plenty of warning!


To watch the promotional video and get psyched: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJZCSb8oCWU


johnaitchison's picture

We need to win some medals.  Still remember when QUAFF kicked our butts at the NHC in Los Angeles in 2001 and then rubbed it in our faces.  We need to return the favor in San Diego.  That and put the same effort cleaning up afterwards as they did at BOOLA.  None.  Most of all, they need to know the Maltose Falcons are still the biggest and baddest homebrew club in California.



Drew Beechum's picture

Eh, I'm not so much about competing or other sorts of rub-ins. I  want everyone to have a hell of a time.

Dates : 6/16/2011-6/18/2011

1st Round entries: Due about the time of the Mayfaire (aka early April)

One thing I want to do for the Falcons' bar is to have a Saison Bar, since I'm giving a Saison talk.

We're also talking about possibly reviving the BOOLA Cask Beer Bar for the Pro Night, etc.

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