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First, the NY Times discovered growlers yesterday - Growlers, the New Old Beer Conveyance.

Now you and I both know that growlers in their modern incarnation have been around for forever and a day. Oh those lovely jugs of odd beer that rattle around empty in your car trunk (or at least mine) in case you find yourself within striking distance of a brewpub. But the one thing I always forget is NY's approach to growlers. I remember first hearing it in Jay Schveck writings for the Celebrator magazine reflecting on the breweries of the Hudson River Valley.

It turns out in NY - a liquor store can fill a growler for you. A liquor store. Fresh draft beer. Multiple varieties. Hell, Whole Foods in Manhattan's doing it.  Half Time Beverage was the first liquor store I heard of doing this. Click on their name - they currently have 14 varieities of craft beer on tap and ready for filling.

My fellow Californians - I say to you this is unfair! Why the hell do those snot nosed no hop knowing punks in New York get to have fresh growlers filled for them? This state's obnoxious population of craft breweries are missing a hell of a market. Can you imagine walking into a BevMo getting a growler of something fresh and unique or even better - walking into Vendome, Green Jug, Red Carpet, Cap and Cork or hell, the Stuffed Sandwich. How's that last one fill you with the tingles?

I think, starting today, we need to explore this issue. Hell, with the cash strapped nature of our budget this may be the perfect time to get a move on.


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Oh, yes.  I'd sign up for that.  Time to start writing letters to congress.  There is no downside to this; it's pure feel-good legislation.  Something they sorely need in Sacto 'bout now.

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