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Links? We Got Em - And an interesting yeast study for those willing to dig.

You know Falcons' users can a link to the Falcons website? Check out our other "Beer Links" section.

All of these are added by you and me. You'll see multiple categories, but you can make them up as you go along. In fact if you look all the way down at the bottom, you'll see a new link from me in a new category "Brewing Articles" and it's a geat article trying to prove the efficacy of starters.

To add Links of your own:

  1. Click on "Create Content"
  2. Click on "Brewing Links"
  3. Enter the "Title" and "Link Title" (the same is just fine) and the URL
  4. Offer up some way to classify the link Currently we have sets for:
    • Homebrew and Beer Suppliers

    • Bars and Brewpubs

    • Beer Stores

    • Brewing Resources

    • Homebrewing Clubs

    • Microbreweries

    • Miscellaneous

    • Brewing Articles

  5. Type up a brief description and hit "Save" and your link is now posted.

Easy, no? So get to it. I know I haven't captured all our good beer resources, so go for it.


riverattachment's picture

Maybe we need a link category for BJCP exam resources.  When I was studying for the exam I found a couple of things on the web from other clubs that weren't on the BJCP site.

Drew Beechum's picture

Find a link and when you enter the Category type something like "BJCP Exam Prep Materials". The rest will happen automatically.

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