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Uhoh... Global Warming and Beer

Dr. Ian O'Neill of Discovery Space has just posted an article that summarizes a Czech study of the impact of warming temperatures on the region's Saaz hop crop. In short it finds that in connection with steadily rising temperatures, the hops have decreased steadily in Alpha Acid percentage as well. Now those 2.6% AA Saaz make sense!

Discovery Space - Now We Have A Problem: Global Warming Is Impacting Beer Production

New Scientist



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As far as I can remember way back in my college Geology course there is a big difference between "historical" time and "geological" time. For those of you who think that a one degree celcius change in the overall planet's temperature in the last 100 years is a ridiculous thing to get worked up about then you need to bang the Geology textbooks again and actually KNOW what you're talking about! Yeah, 100 years in "historical" time to you and I is a long time, heck more than one of our own lifetimes! But 100 years in "geological" time isn't even a blink! (That is if you believe that the world is older that 5,000 years, but let's not get too religious, here!) I like the example my teacher gave us: Let's say average mein global temperature is like that of a refrigerator, and the effect on the planet in a change in temperature is kind of like the electrical bill that we all have to pay for. Now, one fridge going from 45 degrees to 46 degrees isn't that big a deal. And the bill you would have to pay for that change doesn't really add up to very much. Okay, so now let's raise the temperature of EVERY refregerator across the globe by one degree! Get out the checkbook 'cause it's gonna be a hefty bill you're gonna have to pay for that puppy! Oh, and for those of you who are still confused and think that human beings have absolutely no effect on the weather patterns, climate change, or global temperature? Hey, just ask your Mom and Dad about the Dust Bowl! NUFF SAID! Grizz

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