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What a BOS Time

Just got done judging the LA County Fair Best of Show a few hours back. Bruce Brode did his usual superb job keeping an eye on the motley crew. With me were Steve Cook, Paul Sedwhick and Jim Wilson. Sitting down we were faced with 23 or so entries. Irene quickly pulled each of the bottles and we each poured a small sample. The routine:  sniff, swirl, taste and notes. After running through all the contenders, we start nominating beers we don't think will win or have a flaw. In the blink of an eye, 23 becomes 12, becomes 9 and finally becomes 6. From there a ranking vote stripped another 3.  And man what a final three. We got a 3rd place no proble and that's where the trouble started. The 4 of us were absolutely deadlocked between our top two.


It took us 25 minutes of talking - what do you like about the beer you champion? what don't you like about the beer you champion and the same for the one you don't like. Even then we couldn't completely decide. So finally, we all assigned a BJCP 0-50 score to both entries (English Barleywine and Imperial Stout). Plenty of room for variance, right? 4 judges 50 point spread and a final score of 163 (40.75) to 161 (40.25). Ridiculous! But oh so tasty.


Congrats to everyone in the BOS - that was a truly fine affair.

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