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Letter to editors of L.A. Weekly on Jason Bernstein's article on L.A. Craft Brew Movement...

Hey, gang! Peter "Grizzbar" Sheppard here saying you should grab an LA Weekly and check out my letter to the editor in response to Jason Bernstein's article on the growing Craft Brew Movement in Los Angeles! They published practically the entire letter! Oh, and here's a link to the original article...



See y'all in the Funny Papers!


Okay, time to put on your Drinking Caps: White Russian vs Caucasian...


It has come to light recently that there seems to be a huge controversy over the two names associated to a wonderful concoction imbibed by The Dude, (Mr. Lebowski), known as a White Russian, (a.k.a. a Caucasian). So, those of you who are in the know, and budding mixologists as well, I ask of you: What is the main difference between a White Russian and a Caucasian? Both call for Russian Vodka, a coffee liqueur such as Kahlua or Tia Maria and a dairy by-product such as milk, half and half or cream... So, I challenge you, tell me the difference between these two libations... Grizz
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