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Detailed Summary on my first all grain Stout.

Recipe was for 6 gallons.

I used approx 15.63lbs of grains.

Heated water to 150 degrees.

Dumped approx 19.5 quarts of water into mashtun.

Put grains in mash tun. Then mixed the grains with water.

After 1 hr in mash tun the temperature was at 145 degrees.

Added approx 3 more gallons of 168 degrees water to mash tun for 10 minutes .

Added approx .75-1 gallons of 168 degrees more water for 10 minutes.

Had approx 6.5 gallons of wort.

75 minute boil.

@60 mins added 1 oz Hops

@30 mins added 1 oz Hops

@1 min added 1 oz Hops.

began cooling.


I was shooting for 1.071 & ended up with 1.068.

Any tips, comments would be greatly appreciated.


Diane Van Wagner's picture

Great job Isaac on your first all grain batch of beer! Being off by just a few points on the anticipated OG is not a big thing. As long as you come within +/- 3 points you did very well. Ironing out the effeciency of a new brew system takes a little time. As you brew up more batches, you will learn the ins and outs of your system. Looking forward to tasting your beer soon! Cheers! Diane

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