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November 23 BJCP Exam

Yesterday we conducted a BJCP tasting exam. 12 judges took the exam, and I really expect all to rise in rank. I'll go into the details more in a later newsletter article, but here is a picture of the exam. The proctors in the foreground are National Judge Norman Jufer, Grand Master II Judge Jim Wilson, and Grand Master V Judge Kevin Pratt.

Antelope Valley County Fair Homebrew Competition

I am currently looking for judges for our first BJCP sanctioned home brewing competition to take place at Bravery Brewing for display at the Antelope Valley Fair. The judging has now moved to July 27 starting at 11am at Bravery Brewing. Lunch, snacks, drinks and anything else we can think of to make a great experience for our judges will be provided. We have been surprised with the number of entries for our first year and are in much need of more judges. The links below will take you to the rules and styles pages (we kinda lumped things together) as well as directions.

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Great idea.  I do think that at least two BJCP judges on the board, preferably the grand hydro, should taste every entry before it is put into the barrel.  I'd hate to see a bad beer infect the whole barrel.  Also, put some clean beer in the barrel now.  Try it in a month or so before you add the Imperial Stouts.  One never knows if some unwanted critters are living in the wood.



Bud Light Golden Wheat

AB has a new beer I got a chance to preview.  I know the name isn't appealing but it's as good as a lawnmower beer as I've had in a long time.  It is cloudy and says it's brewed with corriander and citrus.  I guess with the success of Blue Moon and Shock Top this was inevitable.


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