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Bud Light Golden Wheat

AB has a new beer I got a chance to preview.  I know the name isn't appealing but it's as good as a lawnmower beer as I've had in a long time.  It is cloudy and says it's brewed with corriander and citrus.  I guess with the success of Blue Moon and Shock Top this was inevitable.


The beer does have the body of a wheat beer and is a bit bready.  I'd bet it's about 40% wheat.  The spices are in the background.  It does have Witbier characteristics, but the "light" part prevents the ester development one would expect.  I'd drink this before their American Ale or maybe even their Amber Bock.  Of course, I'd rather have a Hoegarten or one of Drews, Cullens, or good Toms Wits.  But hey, the Bud Light Wheat is much easier to get than the last three.




Drew Beechum's picture

 Can I just say I find it ironic that AB InBev is brewing a light weight wit beer under the BL name because the InBev product Hoegaarden is too heavy.

That said its interesting to see how far companies are willing to push the brand canabilization angle. (Of course BL Lime has proved to b incredibly profitable)

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