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Club Meeting Minutes- July 2015


Club Meeting on Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop


Agenda Topics

  1. Grand Hyrdo: Taste of L.A. - Drew presented us with our first mini tour of L.A. where he spoke about different breweries in our local area (see list below). We will continue to explore other local breweries in the near future. When we taste them, please keep in mind that a lot of L.A. breweries are really young and we should give them time to adjust to their equipment. 
    • Sanctum Newtownian
    • Hamilton Collaboration Saison dry hopped
    • Poseidon Bottom Time Black Saison 
      • 6.3% yeast forward, balanced, roast/fruit 
      • A lot of roast notes, chocolate, saison spices and more like a Belgian stout
    • Pac City Rauch Bier
      • Located in Pacoima 
      • 6.5% Very strong smoked beer and a sour character in the end of it
    • Mumford Black Mamba
      • Opened in mid-June and are located in Downtown L.A. 
      • 8.4% rich chocolate characteristics very little roasted notes, but it’s a very clean tasting ale for a new brewery. It’s an American Black Ale also known as a Black IPA. 
    • Pac City Tequila Pineapple DIPA
      • Located in Pacoima 
      • 10% Tequila, oak, hop and pineapple.
    • Rev Brewing Zanquiel Russian Imperial Stout  
      • Located in Covina. It’s an almost organic brewery with a 10-15 barrel system. They will be moving to a new tasting room in Monrovia. 
      • 10% chocolate, hops, and hot spices. 
    • Crowd favorites: Posiedon, Mumford and Rev Brewing
  2. LAMotte was kind enough to donate to the club during this years AHA Conference their new Water Testing Brew Kit. Drew had asked the club to bring water samples from their homes, so they can test it with this brew kit.
  3. L.A.County Fair- Home brewers competition: All L.A. county fair entries will be due in on July 24th! Please see the website for official details. The judging will take place on August 1st at MacLeod Ale Brewing Company in Van Nuys. If you would like to judge or steward, please sign-up online as well.
  4. Radegast Charity: We Won, this years Radegast Award during the AHA Conference!! How did we do that? We put together a 70 page report on all the events we have done as a club over the year and presented it to the entire conference. So, what does that mean? We received a $500 check for the club activities, Hop Union will be filming the club, as well as an additional $500 check that can be donated to our charity of choice. There will be an online poll so please make sure to vote for the charity of choice.
    • Current suggestions: Ojai Raptor Center, Wounded Warriors, Fixation & Operation Gratitude. If you would like to suggest a different charity, please make sure to email Drew
  5. Sunfest/Lake Arrowhead Brews Festival: Come join us for our combination festival. The club will be pouring beer and enjoying a great time away from the LA heat! We've secured several campsites and are able to fit up to 8 people per site. Your fee of $15 covers two nights of camping from August 7-8th. Please make sure to reserve your space by signing up online. 
  6. Shop Brews: This month’s shop brew session will be on Saturday, July 25th at 8am in the Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop. Boardmember/Burgerfrau Tiffany Ashram and Ryan “The Wizard” Merlin will be leading this brew crew in making a Belgian Golden Strong. If you would like to join them, please sign-up online. 
  7. Merlin Cup Point Winners: Bernard’s Imperial Stout & Lyne Noella’s Strawberry Wheat
  8. There will be no meeting in August. We will see everyone in September! 


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