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It's is hot I'm Schwartzin'

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning.  Normally on a Saturday, that would meen I was a dumbass and forgot to turn my alarm off the night before.  But not today.  Today was a brew day.  I don't normally brew a lot this time of year, and I certianly did not plan on it being 100+ when I decided to schedule a brew day today, but that's the way the ball bounces.  I decided I needed an early start.  Fortunately, my brother-in-law Paul came over to help, which was invaluable, particularly for clean-up.  We doughed in at 8:00 and took the mash trough a 4 step, direct fire mashing schedule (125 °F, 146 °F, 156 °F, and 168 °F) with a two step batch sparge.  After a 75 min boil, were pumping wort into the carboys (11 gallons of black goodness!) at a little after noon.  Not bad in terms of time spent, and thankfully it really didn't get too hot until the last hour or so (most of which we spent inside while the wort boiled).  The one catch to doing a lager and pitching cold is that my plate chilled can't handle getting the wort down to 50 °F, so I have to stick my carboys in an ice bath for a bit to get them down to pitching temp.  No bid deal.

Assuming to catastrophies, there will be a keg of schwartzbier for the 35th aniversary party in October.  I hope you all enjoy it.  For me, I think I'm done brewing until it cools down.  Then maybe a bock...


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So you're done until next weekend then? :)

Seriously though that took a lot of pain to brew today. Me? I ran away from my house and spent all afternoon at the Stuffed Sandwich grading BJCP exams and drinking beer. Two things to note: 1) That Samichlaus Helles is deceptively smooth and dangerous. 2) You know it's hot when the normally stalwart crowd at the Sandwich avoids the patio for indoors and the a/c which normally keeps things chilly is only keeping things cool, despite running wide open!

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So, I'm not sure what is worse:  brewing in 100 ° weather or grading BJCP exams :-)

Seriously though, it's good to hear someone is doing the grading.  I'm still hoping to get my score back by Christmas!


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you know really that comement was from me. :) Gotta be careful moving between accounts! (The admin one)


Grading is tough work man.. takes like 5 hours for each exam!


Oh and you hsould post the recipe in another post. When we get the recipe functionality up we can add it in there too.

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