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Smoked Malt-How Much?

Has anybody yet tried brewing with some of Beanie's custom smoked malt?  I'm wondering how much is too much.  I plan to use the cherry smoked malt in a marzen-style lager.  Wonder if all four ounces from the package is about right for a 5-gallon batch, or if that might be over the top?  Opinions?  Results?


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I used 4 0z. of the double smoked malt in a Porter.  It's in the secondary now and the smoke is strong but not over the top.  I was actually afraid that it would be overpowered by the roasted grains, but I think it's about right.  In a marzen, I think it's going to stand out a lot more.  Since your malt is not the double smoked I think it should be OK.  If turns out too strong you can let it age and the smoke will graduallly fade.  I think Beanie said his porter was about 1 year old, and it was way too smokey at first so he just let it age. 


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