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Honey and wine barrels

 I've been fortunate enough to source honey from a local bee keeper at a great price and wanted to share with you guys. I can get raspberry, black button sage, and malibu wild flower honeys for $2/lb. I'd want to get every ones order in all at once so I don't have to bother him too much. Please post how much of which honeys you would like and I'll bring it to the next club meeting.

I've also found a barrell supplier out of Fresno that will sell new 5 gallon barrels for $205 and 10 gallons for $210. Shipping would be extra, but they are also available for local pick-up.


Gregg Van Citters's picture

I would be interested in some raspberry honey.

Gregg van Citters


DaveL256's picture

20# sounds OK, i can go more if that helps seal the deal....


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