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Brews And News August 2009

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  • Summer is here and Sipping is Easy - Partying the Falcons Way. - Steve Cook
    • "I Know What You Drank Last Summer" Grand Hydro
    • Surliner Dark Belgian Strong judging
    • SCHF Reps Meeting
    • San Diego Bus Trip Recap
    • Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza
    • Sunfest at Frasier Park
  • Vice Preisdental Rant - A San Diego Alehouse Odyssey - Aaron Selzer
    • Pizza Port
    • San Diego Tap Room
    • Alchemy
    • Hamilton's Tavern
    • Toronado SD
    • Luigi's at the Beach
    • O'Brien's
  • Publicity Report - Diane Van Wagner
    • July Shop Brew - Cream Ale by Dave Lustig
    • August Shop Brew - Saison by Drew Beechum
    • September Shop Brew -  ESB by Diane Van Wagner
  • Meeting Minutes - Nancy Gold
    • July Club Meeting Recap
      • Surfliner Winners - Mike Summers, Dave Lustig, Aaron Selzer
  • 35th Anniversary Party Announcement
  • Beer Joke
  • Recipe of the Month: Dave's Cream Ale
  • Membership Offers
  • Sunfest Menu - Carrie Love & Scott Wyse
  • Recipe: Green Chili Cheese Bread - Carrie Love & Scott Wyse
  • The Phantom Brewer - Keg O-Rings
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Drew Beechum's picture

 So far in uploading all these newsletters. I think the thing that's struck me is the clear deliniation between when we were all paper and when we went digital!

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