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July Brews & News - Beer is in the Air

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Hey Falcons, I don't know about you, but my June was full of a bunch of great local beer. The 8th LA
Beer Week was another huge success, we had an incredible mead and honey presentation at the
meeting, and some pretty great drinking weather to boot. Don't forget the July meeting is 11am on
the 10th, and the Grand Hydro will be featuring alternative fermentations. Also, this meeting is a
potluck, so make sure to signup to bring a dish to share (if you do, lunch is free). And of course I
have to finish off with my usual pitch... I'm always in need of articles, so please submit anything and
everything beer related that you can.
Until next month...
Your trusty newsletter editor, Andy

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I volunteer to sit down with Kent, buy some beers at his favorite place and create a list of available swag from the list in his head :-)

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