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Harvest Beer Festival - Noon to 7PM - Food Trucks, Music, Panel Discussions, 30$ Unlimited Pours



Harvest Beer Fest is a craft beer, local food and music festival promoting the responsible appreciation of craft beer and celebrating Los Angeles’ booming craft beer and foodie scene. The festival will feature a large list of carefully selected beers to taste, a small army of food trucks, as well as local musicians and panel discussions.

Proceeds of the Harvest Beer Festival will benefit 826LA, a non-profit writing and tutoring center in Los Angeles.


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Oktoberfest Party and Campout October 15th thru 17th at Oak Park

Grab your lederhosen or dirndl, it's time for the Falcons' annual OKtoberfest campout at Oak Park in Simi Valley!

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2011 AHA Conference - San Diego

The AHA is coming back to the region and so it's time for us to kick some ass and take some names!

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Mayfaire Festival 2010

The Falcon's signature event is coming up!!!  Get ready for the contests, beer, music, raffles, and fun.  We are camping at Oak Park on the weekend of May 22.  We have sites reserved and I (Mike) will be coordinating these spots.  Signup here to reserve your camping or RV spot.  No emails, please.

Drop your comment here to let us know what kind of beer you will be bringing, and get brewing!  This is where we show the brewing community what we are all about.

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Southern California Homebrewer's Festival

It's that time of year! Gear up for Lake Casitas and the biggest homebrewing party of the year. Join with 25 or so other club's on the lake shore and stand back in awe of the massive amount of beer being poured and the amount of creativity behind it.

Purchase your membership to the CHA online at: http://calhomebrewers.org/ - Remember the festival is only open to members of the CHA and is free of charge!

The Falcons have reserved camp sites. Activities Director Mike will coordinate the camping assignments.

2nd Annual Hanukkah vs. Christmas at Blue Palms

2nd Annual Hanukkah vs Christmas at the Blue Palms


The holidays are a time of giving presents, giving thanks, but most of all, giving you a reason to drink on a weekday!

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35th Anniversary Party!

Emergency Price Rollback! Pay just $65, even at the door!


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Descanso Gardens Beer Fest (LA Beer Week)

Tickets are now on sale for the Fest that will mark the last night of the LA Beer Week.

4 oz. unlimited pours for $40, at the Descanso Gardens Rosarium.



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LA Septemberfest

From the same folks behind April's LA Beer Fest at Sony Studios in Culver City comes the first LA Septemberfest at Paramount Studios with 60 breweries, ~200 beers, music, BBQ, etc.

Tickets are $40 - unlimited pours - likely to be no ticket sales at the door.



When: August 21st-22nd, 2009, 12PM
Where: McGill Campground - Frazier Park, CA
Cost: $20 inclusive of dinner, camping and day use
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