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Stuffed Sandwich

I need to get a full tally by Dec.4 for Sam and Marlene............

Tasting Dec 11- starts 1pm sharp

(626) 285-9161

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Wades Tastings - Mikkeller Single Hop IPA

 Mikkeller Single Hop IPA Tasting @ Wades Wines!

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Italian Beer Festival at Beachwood BBQ - May 6-9


We don't see many Italian craft beers around town, so this should be a good event to check some out.

From the beeradvocate blurb:

Beachwood BBQ is hosting their first Italian Beer Festival May 6-May 9. We've brought in 18 rare Italian craft beers, plus one rare Italian craft brewer. We're really excited to showcase these often unnoticed but well crafted beers. The list is as follows (it could change):

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Try it in the Can!!

 Great Canned Beer Tasting!

Canned beers have had a bad rep long enough!


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Bockor Flemish Sour Blending Seminar

 Bockor Flemish Sour Blending Seminar

Hosted By:
Artisanal Imports
Brouwerij Bockor-Sam Quartier, Brewmaster

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Victory Brewing Tasting at Wades!

 Victory Brewing Tasting!


"Having trained in Germany, Victory appreciates the artistic freedom they have here in the US. Here creativity is embraced by a fervent core of consumers and they are happy to serve that audience with their experience in traditional methods, selection of choice, often imported ingredients, and the best processing that technology can offer. They relish the opportunity to please both themselves and their audience with their flavorful creations. They've invested more than their lives in this. Come and see!"


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Pliny the Younger @ the Blue Palms

 Tomorrow is going to be one of the last few times to catch Pliny The Younger this year.

Weds Feb 17, 2010 7pm

Blue Plams Brewhouse

6124 Hollywood Blvd

Also on tap will be some selections from the Alpine Beer Company.


Drink Up me Heartys! Yo-Ho!



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German Beer Tasting at Wades

German Beer Tasting

"Beer turns thirst into a beautiful thing," goes an old German saying ...

And thus it is, especially if the beer is a German brew, sublimely crafted and perfected over centuries, even millennia. Germany has some of the oldest beer traditions and greatest beer varieties in the world!  We invite you to join us and explore a select group of German beers, showcasing the depth and diversity that has kept them world famous for 3 millenia!

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Stuffed Sandwich Christmas Beer Tasting

Oh yeah, it's that time of year. Time for Sam and Marlene to break out the good cheer and offer us a ton of beer.

 Tasting starts at 2pm.  Show up at 1:30 to eat first.  You MUST be served food before you can be served alcohol, per the license requirements of the shop.

The final cost will not be known until approximately one week before the event (they will know what beers they will be serving then).  It should fall between $30 and $40 per person.

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24 Stone Beers at Naja's Place 7-10PM

Naja’s Place (Redondo Beach), one of the original craft beer destinations in Los Angeles, is hosting a monstrous LA Beer Week kick off celebration featuring the good folks from Stone Brewing Company.

The celebration will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 from 7pm till 10pm.

This event will feature over 20 Stone beers on draft, the most Stone beers in one place outside the Stone Brewing Co!

Special Stone Brewing guests will include Greg Koch (CEO), Steve Wagner (President), Mitch Steele (Head Brewer), and the friendly Sales Team.

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