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2016 Grain Buy - It's On!

Did you know that as a member of the Club, you get access to our sometimes, mostly annual Grain Buy? Well, you do and it's on for this year!

What is the Grain Buy? Well as a member you can grab 10 lbs of any grain from the shop with a few caveats - you're currently a paid up member, the beer you make comes to a festival (aka SCHF, Mayfaire, Sunfest/Lake Arrowhead, Oktoberfest) and we haven't hit our 200lbs limit. That's right - this deal is good for the first 20 members. Multiple members can band together and do a bigger brew, but make sure that beer still comes to the club festivals.

To Claim

  • Go to the shop
  • Weigh out 10lbs of grain (any mix)
  • Take your grain to the register.
  • Prove your membership to the gatekeepers and sign the sheet, including where you're bringing the beer!

The Rules

For currently paid club members only:
 - 10 lbs of any grain mix for free.
 - Beer must be brought to a festival this year

Board Roles: 
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