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Board Meeting Minutes May 2021

Date: 5/19/2021
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Online (Zoom)

In Attendance:

  • Ilan (President)
  • Eric (VP and Competitions)
  • Ed (VP and Competitions)
  • Tiffany (Treasurer)
  • Gavin (Secretary)
  • Rick (Membership)
  • Quinlan (Publicity)
  • Jenna (Burgermeister)

Not Present:

  • Drew (Grand Hydrometer and Webmaster)
  • Jeff (Activities)
  • Robert (Activities)
  • Nicolai (Publicity)
  • Ian (Newsletter)

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 15, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. and will be conducted via Zoom


Tiffany has her name on the BofA account. She is looking into moving the account to Chase, because of a service fee they are tacking on, and also because of convenience.
Account balances are holding steady.
Medals for DKM have not been paid for yet.

Non-SCHF Campout: Email will be going out for a head count. Those in tents will be directly paying people who reserve RVs spots. A potluck dinner was suggested. There will be a couple of bars, and members should bring kegs. There will also need to be multiple runs made for ice.
Oktoberfest at DAV Center: A few Saturdays are available, and  reservations are being taken only after April 15. Tiffany will follow up with getting fee info (including pool).
Lake Arrowhead Fest is taking place on September 11. This has become a de-facto replacement for the Falcons Sunfest.

Ed will be meeting with Dana to clean up issues with the website software as relates to competitions.
Eric is making progress on new Falcons guidelines.
DKM medals are going out soon
Mayfaire: Entry window will be the whole month of May - and the competition will probably be held in June-July to accommodate judges being vaccinated for COVID. Prelims may be virtual. Ed will start an email thread to discuss details.

Grand Hydro
Subjects proposed for next monthly club meeting: 
CO2 and kegging with Wickham/Achison
Cooling solutions for fermentation
A Shop Brew is being held on May 29 organized by Ilan, organized by Tiffany, Ilan, and Quinlan.

126 active members
New perk added: Discount at MadeWest

Deadline for the next newsletter is June 2
Summer Home Brewing

Virtual Brew with a Falcon Video footage is being collected.

Quin demonstrated a remarkable solution using Shopify to replace our current website. Drew, Q, and Ilan will be considering the options/ functionality over the next two weeks.
The board was shown some early proofs of artwork for the new Club Swag by Tiffany. These items will be available for ordering to members very shortly.
Extra profit from club glassware will go towards a charitable cause: DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

Happy Hours
We are confirmed out to May 14. Newsletter will have details.

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