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Brew Year's Resolutions

Whether it's improving our brewing processes, resolving off flavors and other issues, getting new gear, or expanding our repertoire of recipes, the Maltose Falcons have big plans for 2021! We've surveyed our members to see what their Brew Year's Resolutions are, and have compiled them here. Happy brewing in 2021!

Ian Carroll

I will be installing a 240v outlet in my garage so I can brew in there with an induction cooktop and steam condenser, which will hopefully help me start brewing much more easily and regularly. Also, I'll be brewing in a corny keg with a spunding valve in place of an airlock.

Eric Bonney

The family Bonney’s Brew Year’s Resolutions are to brew some Lagers, we have only brewed a couple so far. Specifically, we would like to focus on German lagers like Vienna, Dunkle, and bock made with the rest of the Mecca Grade Estate malt we purchased last year. Another resolution is to upgrade to a conical fermenter, for closed Co2 transfers and better yeast harvesting. And fom a safety perspective, ditching the glass car boys will be nice.


Gavin Martin

To get my brew day done before noon (I brew outdoors, and the heat can be brutal here after midday), I’ve just added a momentary switch to my year-old homebuilt control panel. The plan is to hit it before going to bed - it starts a timer that kicks in the HLT element and HERMS pump early in the morning - I roll out of bed and dough-in even before my first cup of coffee. Of course this will require setting up kettles and milling grain the night before. We’ll see how his plan works out. I just felt the urge to tinker during lockdown :)

Electric brewing panel

Jim Grant

Two things on my list...

  1. Diagnose why I am getting a certain flavor in my imperial porter and adjust as necessary.
  2. Assemble a pump and counterflow chiller into a single unit to create a whirlpool and chill, all with connectors to fit into my existing system and as portable as possible.

Robert Dexter

I am building a keezer that will hold 9 kegs and have 6 taps with a sit at bar top for the brewery (garage). I already have a kegerator with 3 kegs and 3 taps. Now I can brew more beer and have more flavors on line at once.
Also plan to start using my RO system for water and build it up myself for brewing. Have only been using filtered Simi water so far. I will add a collar to the keezer, but plan to have the taps going through the lid. Either a pipe/tower or tap coffin. Not sure yet.

Craig Shapland

Everywhere I go, I will have Triple IPA on tap!

Riley McIntire

I put in 240v a couple years ago and am looking at a Brew Hardware 18 gal kettle. With a condenser. I really can't brew anywhere except in my shop even though I have everything I need for propane, which isn't an option inside. It's still a little vague as far as controllers etc.
Anyone interested in a couple Blichmann burners?

Anders Selim

Electric brewing is my goal. Almost there! 

Ryan Kriesch

To brew more than necessary to meet deadlines of virtual competitions and write more. Also, get my brew day song library finally finished.

Matt Myerhoff

I’m brewing using an electric Robobrew, and the radical 7 keg keezer I got from Rick! Sharing my beer with me new neighbors who are giving me homegrown fruit and such. 

Nicolai Abramson

I want to brew a lager

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