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Brewing Rig Raffle Update! - Near Completion - Rig Picture Inside!

I thought I'd post a little progress report on the "Raffle Rig."  For those who don't know, I've been building a complete two-tier All-Grain brewing rig to raffle off as a fund-raiser for the Club.  The Club purchased some of the materials, Nancy Gold donated three 50 litre kegs, and I've thrown in some other items, and all the proceeds from ticket sales go to the Club.

The welding, grinding and polishing of the frame have been completed.  It's been High Temp primed and will get the finish paint applied and wheels installed in the next couple of days.  The 50 litre kegs (which were very generously donated by our Secretary, thank you Nancy!) are out to the welder.  I've also acquired the pump, the HERMS coil and other major components, and the rig should be almost ready to brew on when we raffle it off at the Mayfaire Party, May 22nd.  I say "almost" because we're going to give the winner his or her choice of either Natural Gas or Propane fueled burners, which should be installed within a week or so after the party.

I'll bring the rig to the party, of course, then take it back for the finishing touches, which will be completed ASAP after Mayfaire.  When it's all done, it will be delivered to the lucky brewer in the greater Los Angeles or Ventura County area.

Tickets are $5 for 1, or 5 for $25, and will be available for sale at the Mayfaire Fest on the 22nd at Ventura County's Oak Park in Simi Valley.  If it's amenable to our sponsor, John Daume, the rig will be on display at the Home Beer, Wine and Cheese Shop, with tickets available there starting Saturday, May 15.

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