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Doug King Memorial Competition, 1/26/2020

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Event Recap, by Bernard Lebel, President

On January 26th, the Maltose Falcons held the Doug King Memorial Homebrew Competition.

Jenna, our Burgerfrau, provided breakfast that consisted of egg frittatas, one with meat and one with veggies, as well as sticky buns made from scratch, bagels, and cream cheese.

Judging started at around 9:15am. Lunch was served at 12:30. Again, Jenna killed it, with four different types of home made tamales: vegan with Jack fruit, green chili and cheese, chicken, and pork, plus all the fixings: beans, rice, salsas, and salads.

Immediately after lunch was the mead judging. Students of our mead class judged the mead entries, under the supervision of the class' instructors. These students are taking the mead tasting exam on 2/1, good luck to you all!

After the mead judging was the Best-of-Show judging.

In total, there were 119 entries judged and 90 registered participants, judges, and stewards. Tj Shively won the Best-of-Show with a delicious Oatmeal stout called Morning View. Congrats Tj!

Thanks to our participants, stewards, miscellaneous staff, and judges who helped!

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Judging Experience, by Eric Bonney, Vice President

The event was a success, and it was great that we did not incur a loss this year! I judged category 10: West Coast Style Beers. This category included Extra pale ale, California common, Amber/Red ale, and Imperial Pilsner. Kind of a hodgepodge category, but overall the quality of beers in this category were good. From my category experience, overall quality seems to be improving. The food was amazing, as usual Jenna killed it. For Breakfast she made a couple of egg frittatas, one with meat and one veggie. She also made sticky buns from scratch, and provided fruit and bagels with cream cheese. For lunch she made four different types of tamales: a vegan with Jack fruit, a green chili and cheese, a chicken, and a pork. Plus all the fixings: beans, rice, salsas, and salads.

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