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November shop brew Sunday the 15th

The November shop brew date has been set for Sunday the 15th at 8:00 am. Our president, Steve Cook, will be leading the brew crew. He will be brewing up an American pale ale. Think Sierra Nevada pale ale.

We have three spots open for this brew crew. You must be a current, paid in full Maltose Falcons member to participate on any brew crew. Membership will be verified prior to any notification of a spot on the crew.

 Contact me at publicity@maltosefalcons.com, or sign up at the bottom of this posting. Please include you email address so I can get back to you.

Of course anyone interested in learning about the all grain brewing process is welcome to come on by the shop to watch and party with the brew crew. Beer and snacks are always welcome too.

So make it a date on your calendar to hang out and party with your fellow Falcons. The crew loves the support, and you might learn something too.

See you there!




Steve Cook's picture

Where it is true that I am brewing an American West Coast Pale Ale it will be more along the lines of the Stone Pale Ale. That is a bit different from the Sierria Nevada Pale Ale in that it has more bittering hops where the Stone Pale Ale has more flavor and aroma hops. The result is a less bitter beer with much more hop flavor and aroma. And thats what I intend to brew. Says here in fine print...

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