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Stuffed Sandwich Christmas Beer Tasting

Oh yeah, it's that time of year. Time for Sam and Marlene to break out the good cheer and offer us a ton of beer.

 Tasting starts at 2pm.  Show up at 1:30 to eat first.  You MUST be served food before you can be served alcohol, per the license requirements of the shop.

The final cost will not be known until approximately one week before the event (they will know what beers they will be serving then).  It should fall between $30 and $40 per person.

Directions:  Google Maps


Barley Conscious's picture

Looking forward to this. Reserving a spot for two, thanks!

Amazonbeergirl's picture

How do I make the reservation for two? 

Drew Beechum's picture

For now.. just leave a comment saying for "dos"

mikero's picture

Leah and I will both be coming!  (reservations for 2 please)

PHB2234's picture

If you've never been before, this is an annual event not to be missed, if only for Sam's attitude, if not for the beers.  And they ALWAYS pour out some superb samples.  Plus, you can stock up on those ones that you really liked.  I've been poured out of there more than once.  Marlen and I will be there again this year, unless Marlen bails on us.

David Uhl's picture

I'm in.  (For 1)

Realtor.MG's picture

 OK, we are at 26 heads for this so far including these people not on the list of 19 here:

Sirgei Agalzoff
Eric Bolin
Earnesto Williams
Jim Moorman
Sue Feull

Jim Moorman

Amazonbeergirl +1

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