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Italian Beer Festival at Beachwood BBQ - May 6-9


We don't see many Italian craft beers around town, so this should be a good event to check some out.

From the beeradvocate blurb:

Beachwood BBQ is hosting their first Italian Beer Festival May 6-May 9. We've brought in 18 rare Italian craft beers, plus one rare Italian craft brewer. We're really excited to showcase these often unnoticed but well crafted beers. The list is as follows (it could change):

Birrifico Le Baladian, Super Baladin

Birrifico Le Baladian, Al-Iksir

Birra Del Borgo and Dogfish Head, My Antonia

Birra Del Borgo, Genziana

Birra Del Borgo, 25 Dodici

Pausa Cafe, Chicca

Pausa Cafe, Taquamari

Pausa Cafe, Pils

Pausa Cafe, Tosta


Del Ducato, Chimer

La Rulles, Cuvee Meileurs Voeux

Birrifico Italiano, Tipopils

Stella Di Natale

Piccolo Birrifico, Chiostro

Piccolo Birrifico, Seson

Via Emilia

Verdi, Imperial Stout

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