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Mayfaire Festival 2010

The Falcon's signature event is coming up!!!  Get ready for the contests, beer, music, raffles, and fun.  We are camping at Oak Park on the weekend of May 22.  We have sites reserved and I (Mike) will be coordinating these spots.  Signup here to reserve your camping or RV spot.  No emails, please.

Drop your comment here to let us know what kind of beer you will be bringing, and get brewing!  This is where we show the brewing community what we are all about.

May 12th Update:  No need to sign up like I had said above, just show up and bring lots of beer!  So drop a comment about what beer you are bringing!


901 Quimisa Dr, Simi Valley, CA

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kgrizard's picture

Howdy -

We will be camping at Mayfaire - one van with at least two people.  Don't know what beer yet - I guess I can score some Corona if I need something to bring.

Diane Van Wagner's picture

I will be bringing my Willamette Amber Ale, Burbank Brown mild, and maybe one other beer to the fest. I will be camping in a tent both Friday and Saturday nights. See you there!

hollyjebb's picture

Where in the heck can I find out where and how to get to Oak Park for Mayfaire 2010?  I've searched everywhere (at least I felt like it was everywhere) but can find nothing.  You can email me at holly@mwlegal.com.  Thanks and hope to see you there!  Will bring something interesting for  Dead Palates and hopefully bunches of pictures from past events.

Drew Beechum's picture

Odd, Addresses aren't showing.


I edited the event to show the address and the map.


To get there, basically head up to the 118 into Simi Valley take the Madera Rd exit (I believe S) Head South until Easy street, hang a right, go almost 2 miles down Easy (which at some point magically turns into Los Angeles). Take a right just after passing the animal shelter (which is just a little after the recycling center.)

Once on Quisima head up over the train tracks and then left in the campground. Follow the signs around to group camping and there we'll be!

sborowski's picture

I will be there on Friday to drink beer and play some horseshoes and harmonica with my cousin Tom....not sure if we will camp since I live within 5 mins.   Will bring a couple of bottles of Le Chouffe

rev_joe's picture

 I'll be bringing a keg of witt. What's the deal with camping?

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