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Oak Barrel Barleywine Brew Session

Barleywine Barrel Brew for 2011 NHC

We will be brewing a large batch of Barleywine which will be used to fill the ~60 gallon Bourbon barrel the club aquired.  The batch will actually be broken into two brewing sessions.  The first 30 gallons will be brewed at the Shop on a date to be determined soon. Keep an eye out for the date posting.

It should be noted that this brew is unlike our monthly Shop Brews, in that the beer produced will not become the property of the brew crew.  We will all be sheperding the beer through fermentation, and when both batches are ready, we will reconvene to transfer the 60 gallons into the barrel for aging.

It should still be a fun brew day, so stop by if you can!

What are we going to use the beer for?  When do we get to drink it?  For those who may not have heard yet, the 2011 National Homebrewers Conference is going to be held in San Diego, and that's just about enough time to produce a kick-ass B-Wine to show off on Club Night.  Of course, we'll also be serving some at our own Club functions, when it's ready.

Signup opportunities will be announced at a later date.

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