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Save the date, and come party in the pines at McGill Campground, near Mount Pinos.

For those who have not been there before, the campground is at 7200 feet elevation, and it's always quite a bit cooler than the temps down in the San Fernando Valley, so bring appropriate clothing for a cool evening.  McGill has great mountainbiking and stargazing - it really is a lovely spot.  The reason that we can almost always count on getting the Group site here is that there is no running water, and the closest store is a 20 minute drive, so please bring plenty of drinking water for yourself.  We will be bringing a couple of malt extract barrels full water for washing, and it is potable, but tends to taste like the syrup.

The cost is $20 per person, which goes to paying for the Group site, the Saturday night meal prepared by our Burgermeisters, ice for the beer, etc.

If you are bringing an RV, we need to hear from you so the Camp Host will save you an individual site adjacent to the Group site.  Because RVers will have to pay the Camp Host for their sites, please present your receipt to Kent (or whoever is doing the check-in Saturday afternoon), and you will receive your Fest wrist band for free (one wrist band per RV).  Please post a comment below to confirm you are bringing an RV.


mikero's picture

We'll be bringing a 19' RV and will need a site

Monster Mash's picture

 I also have a few guests coming up with tents

rev_joe's picture

Are any of the bars coming out? Or do we need to bring our own keg coolers?

Drew Beechum's picture

The bars should be coming, yes.

Kevin Baranowski's picture

I will not have the rear bar set-up. I'll set up like last year, the keg boxes under an ez-up. There will be space there for 16 kegs. Please bring along a serving line for each keg brought. I have special box lables for each keg, identifying the brewer & type of beer. We will lable each line to be sure it gets back to the person that brought it.    Thank you, Kevin

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