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Anchor Weekend Brewery Bus Trip



Going to Anchor?

Want to see some other great breweries too?

The Falcons are organizing a bus tour from SF to Bear Republic Brewing, Russian River Brewing (Pliney the Younger may be on tap!) and Lagunitas' new beer garden!   The bus will leave from the Westin Market Hotel and will return there as well.

If you've been on a Falcons bus trip before, you know how much fun it is!  For those that haven't, we load up the bus, take off and almost immediately start pouring beers.  While we're riding up to bear Republic in Healdsburg, we'll have a free raffle, with various beer, swag and the occasional beer gag prize, and everybody on the bus will win something.  We will have lunch at our second stop, and likely have either a game or video running on the bus monitors for the ride to our third stop.  Of course, you'll also be able to purchase growlers and brewery swag at our three host breweries.  It's a great day of beer!

Tickets are ~$65 per person. That includes the bus, beers at each stop and lunch.

Please signup below and buy your tickets here!  Due to bureaucratic delays in opening the Maltose Falcons PayPal account, the linked store is run by Activites Director John Kaufman, with no markup, as a convenience for our members.  Thank you, John! 



Diane Van Wagner's picture

I have paid for two tickets on Paypal. Please include Sue on the sign up list with me.

bruhozer's picture

Hey I paid for one but I may have a couple more wanting to go along, There seemed to be some sort of service charge of a couple of bucks on top of the $65.00 Will that be included in the refund if we don't get enough people to go. I don't have a problem making reservations for my friends if they give me the go-ahead but...... Is there a way to see how many people have signed up?

Craig Wickham

Drew Beechum's picture

Yes, it will.


Also trying to figure out what the service charge is from.

DaveL256's picture

payapl blew up, tried to take me there 3 different times....

did you get my signup & payment for 2?



bruhozer's picture

Hey Dave , I just purchased another one for my cousin who is coming along as my date ( that sounds like Arkansas doesn't it) I had no issues this time, no service charge or shipping charge. When I got to the window to purchase I selected "continue with paypal"  and it seemed to work. I think we need to open the bus trip up to others outside the club to make sure it happens! Craig

Brewgyver's picture

Add one more for Peggy Fletcher, paid.

PHB2234's picture

Rich and a player to be named later will be going on the bus trip.  Another shot at fresh Pliny on tap.  Can't wait.

Amazonbeergirl's picture

 I am bringing the first man, Dan Gold.

aldenjr's picture

This confirms 4 for bus trip: Jim, Jimmy, and Matt Alden plus Jeff Rodriguez. All paid.

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