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Lake Arrowhead Brewfest 2016 - Maltose Falcons' 3rd Annual!

Here is a chance to get out of the August heat and enjoy the fresh mountain air in the town of Blue Jay. Last year's event was amazing.  

Who:        Any Falcon's Member and guest can participate!  

What:       7th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest  

When:      August 13, 201612:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Where:    Blue Jay Village Parking Lot

                    (right next to Jensen's Market)

                     27264 Rte 189, Blue JayCA 92317

Why:     This event is a lot of fun!

                 For the 3rd year in a row, this brewfest is our "Sunfest" August destination

                 Proceeds benefit the Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce charities      


How to Sign Up:

Step 1.  You MUST sign up below in the comment section to let us know what you're donating to the event. (Your donation is tax deductible and gets you a "free" ticket into the event!) Alternate "free" ticket can be obtained by volunteering to help festival organizers for one shift. Contact Jim Grant at JimyLee1@GMail.com or 909.499.0581 

For those who just want to come for the fun without donating or volunteering, you can purchase your general admission or DD tickets here: Lake Arrowhead Beerfest Tickets


Step 2.  Jensen's Market will store our beer overnight in their coolers for those arriving Friday night. Please advise if you will want to drop off your keg and we will make arrangements for a group drop off time.


Step 3.  If you want to join the club group camping at Dogwood Campground sign up  on the MF web page and pay your per person fee. $15.00 fee covers one person for two nights (Friday and Saturday) in our group campsites. Parking is an additional fee of $5.00 per car per night so carpool if possible. At the moment, food and cooking are on your own, we may coordinate a group BBQ for Saturday night.

There are lots of other accomodation options as well if you're not a camper: Airbnb, The Saddleback Inn, Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa, etc. But get your rooms booked soon as they sell out fast!


Step 4.  Keep an eye out for updates on Facebook as we coordinate a possible "tap takeover" or other Friday night activities.


Step 5.  Come and have fun representing the awesome Maltose Falcons!


Who is going to be there?

2016 Participants

Ballast Point

Wicks Brewing Co.

Ritual Brewing Company

Strand Brewing Company

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Maltose Falcons

Mountain Brew Club Band

Mountain Brew, Big Bear Lake

HIgh Desert Home Brewers Anonymous

Mountain Brew Club

Beer Rebellion

Hanger 24

Stone Brewing Company

Skyland Ale Works

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.



Event Date: 
Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 12:00 to 18:00
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tfairbrother1's picture

5 Gal kegs - Belgian Golden Strong & Tequila Lime Blonde

philmayfield's picture

We will be bringing one 5 gallon keg of our Black IPA.  Planning to drop off at Jensens if time permits (may be getting in later).

johnaitchison's picture

Pam and I will bring a dopplebock, trippel, cold brewed coffee, and abbey single.  Also we're bringing 5-6 different meads for a mead bar.  We'll bring a quadrupple jockey box to pour beers and maybe a single jockey box for the coffee.

HERMSman's picture

Pllanning to camp Friday and Saturday. Bringing a Keg of Pliny the Clone.

Realtor.MG's picture

5 gallon keg Farmhouse ale if it lasts that long, maybe 5 gallons HPB sour aged 1 year, or dry hopped english mild. I also have a single tap jockey box.

cmoon's picture

I'll bring a keg or two of something...I'll edit this when I'm certain.

Bottles of Belgian Quad, Berlinerweisse, Darkest Heart, etc.

cybertonian's picture

1 Keg Brown Ale

jenna_elayne's picture

My dad, Jeff Bonney, my brother, Eric Bonney, and I, Jenna Bonney, will be bringing three 5 gal kegs: a blonde ale, a cherry ale and an orange mead.

Tom Sisolak's picture

I will be bringing a keg of "copper searpent" Braggot and two non-alcohol sodas. Black tea Chai and tamarind lime.

Kevin Baranowski's picture

I will be bring the club beer equipment as usual.

I will have 3 kegs. Am. Lager, Apricot Lager, Coffee Stout


Rikrox's picture

5 gallons of either a summer rye or a pilsner.

Burning Matt's picture

I will be attending, camping Saturday night. I will be bringing a 3 gallon keg of black ale and a 5 gal keg of soda, flavor TBD. 


Realtor.MG's picture

Updating from my original post:

Bringing 2 guests. Sour Brett C aged on peaches, peach wood, and oak- 5 gallon keg; Sour Red finished/aged 2 years on Brett Blend- 5 gallon keg; Micro Old Ale with coffee and dry hopped- 5 gallon keg

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