November shop brew Sunday the 15th

Just a reminder to all that the next shop brew is Sunday November the 15th at 8:00am. It will be held at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop in Woodland Hills. The style is American pale ale, and the brew crew leader will be our president, Steve Cook.

Name check

It  seems like you can't just post something, you have to have a blog to spread beer related info? Let me know if I'm missing something.


Anyhoo- Verdugo Ryan gives a shout out to the Falcons in an interview with the latest Sunset. They ask  "Where can you learn to brew your own?" and he says Falcons. PG gets the silver.

Hell of a (LA Beer) Week

Los Angeles just did the unthinkable - we had a Beer Week, actually a Beer 11 days. Sure there were glitches, but for a first year event it was amazingly smooth.

November Homebrew 101

 Come join the club and learn the basics of homebrewing with the experts - Kent Fletcher and Nancy Gold will take you through the brewing process and help you learn what you need for a 5 gallon batch.

In the event of Rain, we may cancel the event.

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November shop brew Sunday the 15th

The November shop brew date has been set for Sunday the 15th at 8:00 am. Our president, Steve Cook, will be leading the brew crew. He will be brewing up an American pale ale. Think Sierra Nevada pale ale.

We have three spots open for this brew crew. You must be a current, paid in full Maltose Falcons member to participate on any brew crew. Membership will be verified prior to any notification of a spot on the crew.

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October shop brew this Sunday the 25th

This is a reminder that the October shop brew is this Sunday at 8:00 a.m. The style for this month is "Falcon Noel" Christmas ale.

The brew crew is as follows:

Kent Fletcher (crew leader)

Nancy Gold

Scott Wyse

Kris Schmidt

Jim Mc Gowan

All brew crew members please be at the shop promptly at 8:00 am. Bring a clean, sanitized fermenter and airlock for you portion of the beer.

Corporation vs Brewer

 Here is a story about Monster energy drink trying to move in on a small brewer in Vermont. He needs some help to get the word out.



24 Stone Beers at Naja's Place 7-10PM

Naja’s Place (Redondo Beach), one of the original craft beer destinations in Los Angeles, is hosting a monstrous LA Beer Week kick off celebration featuring the good folks from Stone Brewing Company.

The celebration will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 from 7pm till 10pm.

This event will feature over 20 Stone beers on draft, the most Stone beers in one place outside the Stone Brewing Co!

Special Stone Brewing guests will include Greg Koch (CEO), Steve Wagner (President), Mitch Steele (Head Brewer), and the friendly Sales Team.

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Stern Grove entries

Today will be the last day to drop off your entries for Stern Grove at the Shop. Please have them there by closing time, 7:00 p.m. I will be picking up all entries tomorrow and driving them up to San Fransisco to drop off.

So get those last minute entries in and make the Falcons proud! Remember, Anchor looks at Stern Grove entries for the home brew club of the year.


Brew day

I spent another wonderful day brewing yesterday again with my brother Eric. We brewed up a batch of Belgian IPA. This recipe was modeled after the February club shop brew called Falcon - Belgique, which was led by Jim McGowan.

I was pleasantly surprised that my brother liked this style of beer, and suggested we brew it. It has a load of hops, which he is normally not too fond of, and was fermented with Wyeast 1214 yeast. Of course there was a good malt backbone to this beer too.

Homebrew 101

Come join the club to learn the secrets of basic extract brewing!

We brew every month at the shop a simple 5 gallon batch of beer. If you've been waiting to get your feet wet, wait no more!

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Fresh Cider

Well cullens last grand hydro inspired me, took a trip with the wife up to tehachapi and picked up some fresh pressed cider at RB family orchard, great little family run place, the whole trip happened between 9am and 2pm, including having a picnic while out there (yay no traffic on sat. mornings!)  Anyways if anyone else was inspired as well I would make the trip quick, from the sound of things the season is going to be VERY short this year!


Bud Light Golden Wheat

AB has a new beer I got a chance to preview.  I know the name isn't appealing but it's as good as a lawnmower beer as I've had in a long time.  It is cloudy and says it's brewed with corriander and citrus.  I guess with the success of Blue Moon and Shock Top this was inevitable.


Wade's Beer Tasting - Octoberfest


It’s that time of year and we’re celebrating BIG! Join us for beer and brats for only $5 per person as we party Munich style with beers from:

Spatan - Paulaner - New Belgium - Primator - Hacker Pschorr - Avery - Aventinus - Wiehenstephaner - Hopf

Recent arrivals, old and new:

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Detailed Summary on my first all grain Stout.

Recipe was for 6 gallons.

I used approx 15.63lbs of grains.

Heated water to 150 degrees.

Dumped approx 19.5 quarts of water into mashtun.

Put grains in mash tun. Then mixed the grains with water.

After 1 hr in mash tun the temperature was at 145 degrees.

Added approx 3 more gallons of 168 degrees water to mash tun for 10 minutes .

Added approx .75-1 gallons of 168 degrees more water for 10 minutes.

Had approx 6.5 gallons of wort.

75 minute boil.

@60 mins added 1 oz Hops

@30 mins added 1 oz Hops

My Very First Stout.

Here are a few pics of my very first stout. I used some of Beanies smoked cherry grains. I will be sure to bring some to the next homebrew meeting.

Look below for my ultimate rookie mistake.


Autumn Beer Fest

Mosieur Marcel at the Farmers Market in LA is sponsoring a beer tasting with cheese, sausage and over 50 beers this Satuday October 3 from 1-5 PM. Geoff and I have been to other similar events they have held and they have been quite good. It's $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Call 323-939-7792 to arrange for pre-event tickets. See you there!

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Date change for October shop brew

The date for the October shop brew has been changed to Sunday, October 25th. We still have one spot left for this crew. Please contact me at publicity@maltosefalcons.com to sign up for this event. See the main blog for more details about qualifications to be on the crew.



October shop brew Sunday the 25th

The shop brew for October will be led by Kent Fletcher. He will be brewing up the annual Falcons Christmas ale, Falcon Noel. This is a pretty tasty beer to have around for the holidays.

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Smoked Malt-How Much?

Has anybody yet tried brewing with some of Beanie's custom smoked malt?  I'm wondering how much is too much.  I plan to use the cherry smoked malt in a marzen-style lager.  Wonder if all four ounces from the package is about right for a 5-gallon batch, or if that might be over the top?  Opinions?  Results?

September shop brew English Best Bitter

Hey September brew crew members! Today is day 4 of fermentation. You should transfer your beer to secondary no later than today. I just transferred all 15 gallons today as primary fermentation had stopped completely.

So far so good. The beer tastes great, and there is a distinct difference in taste between the White Labs WLP-002 English ale yeast and the Nottingham yeast. There will be 5 gallons of each batch at the Falcons 35th anniversary party in October, so be there to taste them.

Sour/Tart Cherries Needed

Hello All,


I know it is not the season, but I was wondering what everyones experience was with sourcing sour cherries.  I am in the need of some whole and fresh sour cherries for  a dark wild ale.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Memories of my first Anchor Party

Those of you that are members of the Maltose Falcons newsgroup have already seen the challenge I have presented to the club to enter at least 30 beers in the California State Homebrewing competition (aka Stern Grove) to help our finishing push to win the 2009 Anchor California Homebrew club of the year award.  As an effort to motivate club members, to pull their weight in this challenge, I thought I'd share some stories from my first Anchor award party in 2005.  I'm hoping some other older club members could chime in with stories of their own.

Descanso Gardens Beer Fest (LA Beer Week)

Tickets are now on sale for the Fest that will mark the last night of the LA Beer Week.

4 oz. unlimited pours for $40, at the Descanso Gardens Rosarium.



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We're buying logo printed workshirts for the 35th. (see file. more artwork soon) Would you buy one? Cost ~$35-45

No Workshirt For Me
0% (0 votes)
4% (1 vote)
8% (2 votes)
28% (7 votes)
36% (9 votes)
20% (5 votes)
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 25

Thermostat & Grains

Just bought the ingredients to make my first All Grain Stout this weekend...I also picked up a Refrigerator Thermostat Control.

Can't wait to start brewing! I'll post some work in progress pics this weekend.


Pacific Brewers Cup Results

Congrats to all the falcon winners! Looks like we did pretty good, well Matt and Aaron kicked some butt more specifically, and Greg N. continued the RIS dominance. (I got to judge the Stout category along with Matt and two other judges this year, Greg makes some damn good stout!)  Anyways congrats again guys!





All Corked Up Wine/Beer/Food Event

As was stated at the meeting:


Benefiting the C.O.C Foundation and the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center K-12 Education Outreach Program

When: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Time: 5-9pm
Where: College of the Canyons - Lot 7
Questions? Call: 661-799-7979

Brew day Heather Wheat Ale

Wednesday morning, the 16th of September, was a very comfortable temperature for a brew day. My younger brother Eric, loves my Heather Wheat Ale so much, (and he drank so much of it!) that he paid for a new batch to be brewed. Eric has always been just the average guy beer drinker too. But he has been developing his beer chops quite a bit with my home brew.

  Eric also wanted to help brew the batch as well. Boy was he in for a surprise! He did not have a clue as to what would be involved with the brewing process. I also thought, free labor for all of the clean up.


Upcoming Events

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