Stuffed Sandwich Holiday Tasting

Calling all Falcons!

Your are cordially invited to a  tasting of Holiday beers and more at the world famous

 Stuffed Sandwich on Saturday December 13th at 12PM.

The cost will be $40 per person (plus the cost of your mandatory sandwich)


Seating limited to 30 people so make your reservation early.

Pay for your reserved seat here:

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December Club Meeting & Toy Drive

Join us for our monthly membership meeting. All registered members and prospective members are invited. The meeting starts at noon with introductions and general business. The Grand Hydro will present the topic of the month and provide liquid examples. Remember to bring your own tasting glass and your homebrew to share and for review by your peers. Lunch. organized by our burgermeisters, is always delicious and complements the Grand Hydro's selections. "Troubleshooters corner" is available for those with specific issues or who are too shy to present to the whole group.

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Beertastic Line-Up for Club Shop Brew Sessions!

Falcons, get ready for a mind-blowing, earth-shattering line-up of Club Shop Brew Sessions coming up led by a stellar legion of first-ever brew crew leaders and some familiar favorites! 

As you may have seen, I recently put out the Falcon Signal, calling for members to step forward to lead Club Shop Brew Sessions. With a dozen monthly Club Shop Brew Sessions a year and about as many members who can lead them, it's a perennial challenge to get leaders lined up for the brew sessions without burning them out. 

December Shop Brew

More details coming soon!

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Institution Ale House Tap Takeover!!!

Institution Ale Company Tap Takeover

Draughts 398 N Moorpark Rd Thousand Oaks , CA


December 13th ALL Day. Come and Meet the Brewers!

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A Brief Interlude on Red Sauce and Meatballs

I got asked to post this somewhere and frankly - this is it. My slap your Italian grandma meatballs and red sauce. (A note about beer pairings at the end just because.. it is a homebrewing site after all.)

For enough meatballs and saucefor 6 unhealthy portions


2 slices white sandwich bread, pulsed into fresh bread crumbs

1/3 c. Half & Half

1/2 c. Parmesan (not the green can for f's sake)

1/3 bunch Flat leaf parsley, chopped

3 cloves garlic, crushed

2014 Reddit Homebrew Competition Judging

On Wednesday, November 12th a group of Falcons got together to help judge for the 2014 Reddit Homebrew Competition. Reddit is a website that hosts numberous online communities where members share informaion, web links and pictures of their cats.  Their /r/homebrewing community has over 100,000 members and this was their fifth year hosting a nation spanning, distributed homebrew compeition.  

I've Got Your Copper Serpent (Honey Ale That Is......) by the Alewench




The day was made for brewing.  Nice and overcast morning. HLT ready for utilization.  What could possibly go wrong.... Just a little bit......

Arroyo De Oro Saison

A Saison brewed with vienna malt, flaked rye and a bit of vicotry malt.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Eric Mendoza
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Golden Sour with Chili Peppers

This is my recipe and process for a Golden Sour beer aged on Chili Peppers
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Eric Mendoza
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2014 Los Angeles County Fair Winners

2014 LACF

Thanks To All Who Participated in the 2014 Los Angeles County Fair

There were 302 entries judged and 177 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Eric Addison
Co-Brewer: Arman Sanaryan
American Barleywine 13.4: American-Style Barleywine Addison Homebrew Provisions
2nd Dana Cordes Cherry Apfelwein 28.3: Specialty Cider And Perry Maltose Falcons
3rd Gwen Sato-Herrick
Co-Brewer: Arnold Herrick
Blue Dragon Celebration Mead 27.2: Varietal Honey Traditional Mead  


Maltose Falcons Brews and News

v. 40
i. 10
Newsletter Date: 

Yup.  It's here.  Drew does a nice article on Mead Making.  The new Board takes office.

Merlin Cup - Maltose Falcons Homebrewer of the year

Merlin Cup

Merlin Cup

Maltose Falcons Homebrew Society Homebrewer of the year

An award to recognize one member for their club and community involvement and personal achievements in homebrewing.  This person is the epitome of the traits they we hold in highest esteem and is expected to continue to participate, educate and give back to less experienced club members in the same way that they were tutored when they were novice.
Points may be earned throughout the year from the day after the annual club's Oktoberfest, through the week before the Oktoberfest the following year (i.e. October 2014 through the end of September 2015).  Some points are recorded by club officers, but most will be self reported.  All will be tracked on the club website and posted periodically to encourage competition.  Those with the highest point values at the end of the year will have their achievements confirmed by the Merlin Cup sub-committee, who may eliminate point submissions at their discretion, and final point values tallied.  Points will be awarded as follows:
Note: Points may only be collected from a single line item for any given event.  For instance, if you organize a club brew and submit the associated write up to the newsletter, you earn only 3 points for "Organizing a club activity", and not 1 point for the write up and 3 points for organizing.  The same goes for officers who act according to the duties of their office.  They collect points for the office, and not for individual actions.
Note: In order to collect points for competition you must identify as a Maltose Falcon for your club affiliation. You must be a fully paid member at the period of points review at the end of the year.

Club Participation

There is no club without member participation and involvement.  In order for club events to take place, there must be other members to show up and others willing to organize and run them.  ​
  • 1 point - Winning the "Best Beer" as voted during the monthly club meetings.
  • 1 point - Contributing an article that was included in a monthly newsletter.
  • 3 points - Organizing a club activity.
  • 5 points - Faithfully serve as an officer of the club for the duration of the year.

Community Participation

Falcons members represent some of the most experienced homebrewers in our region and have much to offer the regional and national homebrewing community.
  • 2 points - For each BJCP point earned for organizing, stewarding, judging or administering tests in BJCP sanctioned events.
  • 2 points - For contributing to the homebrewing community at large.  Writing articles for homebrewing publications, leading educational courses, speaking at conferences, authoring books, appearing in television programs or other high profile things that show homebrewing in a positive light.  

Personal Achievement

All brewers strive to make good beer and most spend many, many years perfecting their craft.  Those most excellent beers can be submitted to competition and will earn awards which bring prestige to the brewer and the club.  These points are cumulative for each entry.

  • 1 point - Per beer submission to a BJCP registered competition.  (cap 2 points per competition)
  • 1 point - Third place award in a Category in a BJCP registered competition
  • 2 points - Second place award in a Category in a BJCP registered competition
  • 3 points - First place award in a Category in a BJCP registered competition
  • 1 points - Second runner up for Best of Show award in a BJCP registered competition
  • 2 points - First runner up for Show award in a BJCP registered competition
  • 5 points - Earning Best of Show award in a BJCP registered competition
  • 2x points - For points earned from awards (not submissions) in the following competitions (for instance, a BOS would earn 17 points, ((3 for winning category + 5 for BOS) x 2) + 1 for the entry):
    • Mayfaire
    • Doug King Memorial
    • Los Angeles County Fair
    • Pacific Brewers Cup
    • California State Fair Homebrew Competition
    • California State Homebrew Competition
    • America's Finest City

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice (pumpkin and spice soda)

Let me just say that fall is a particularly favorite time of year for me. October is a good month. It's time for harvest celebrations, apple cider with glazed donuts, Halloween, and of course all things pumpkin. Sometimes I wish that everything could taste like pumpkin pie. After many failures in years past to produce a suitable pumpkin pie soda, (it turns out a little pumpkin goes a long way) this is actually a tasty recipe that by far makes all those failures worth the effort.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Tom Sisolak
Beer Styles: 
Brew Type: 

Lake Arrowhead Brewfest Recap


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Cool Kids Carnival BAM Beer Fest Returns Santa Monica

BAM Festival returns to Santa Monica Sunday.

Fizzy Ginger Lemonade

This super simple lemonade is always a hit. Dead simple to make and super cheap (if you have a lemon tree!).
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Dana Cordes
Beer Styles: 
Brew Type: 

Better than Bought Root Beer

A rich sweet root beer soda.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Dana Cordes
Beer Styles: 
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Brew 101

Our next new and improved Brew 101 class is coming up soon. Topics will include beer history, basic science, and extract brewing techniques, tips, and tricks. If you've been thinking about brewing beer at home and would like to see how it's done, all while enjoying some great homebrew call us to sign up! Cost is $20 dollars

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Anniversary Meads - A Tale of Honey and Fun!

Making the 40th Anniversary Meads! What we did and the flavors we developed.

Steve Rosolio's Label Design

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November 2nd Club Meeting-Be There or Be Square-High Noon-Time Change Sunday!

 Join us for the November membership meeting. Bring your homebrew to share and to be reviewed by your peers. Enjoy a great lunch made by our burgermaestros.  Some surprise brews await you too! See what the Grand Hydro has in store for us.  See you there!

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AleSmith Tap Takeover at Crazy Harry's!

Join AleSmith Brewing and Crazy Harry's Bar for another unique Tap Takeover Event!  We'll be pouring 7 Delicious AleSmith Beers:

AleSmith X


Nut Brown Ale

Lil Devil

Evil Dead Red

Speedway Stout

Old Numbskull


10% Discount for All Falcons Members!


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November Club Shop Brew Session - Copper Serpent Honey Ale!

Falcons, sign up now for the next Club Shop Brew Session, Sunday Nov. 9, as Steve and Irene lead the crew in brewing a unique beer - Copper Serpent Honey Ale. Every brew crew member has to bring 3 lbs. of honey, so in addition to bumping up the cost for ingredient by about $20, it will seriously bump up the ABV and flavor! Since Steve and Irene first brewed it in 2011, it has never been in a competition, but maybe this time it will! It will be especially interesting to see how everyone's different honey makes a unique beer, so please bring some back to share and sample with the club! 

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October 2014 Brews and News

v. 40
i. 9
Newsletter Date: 

Pro-brewer profile on Dave Griffeth of Ladyface

Maltose Falcons brew Double Down Double IPA at Lady Face

Previews of the 40th Anniversery Banquet

Pictures of past Banquets

Falcon's preparations for the Banquet

The History of Oktoberfest


August/September 2014 Brews and News

v. 40
i. 8
Newsletter Date: 

Homebrewer-profile on 3-time Merlin Cup winner Israel Arrieta.

Pro-brewer profile on the Raubs of Eagle Rock Brewing

Plus, Falcons take over Eagle Rock to brew our official 40th Anniversery beer!

Stone Tap Takeover

Featuring over 8 beers on Draught!!!

Beers will be available ALL DAY!!!
(Limited Supplies on ALL Beers)


Stone IPA

Stone Pale Ale

Stone Ruination IPA

Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine

Arrogant Bastard Aged in Bourbon Barrels

Stone Cali Belqique IPA Aged in Red Wine Barrels

Stone Tiger Cub Saison aged in White Wine barrels

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Passion Project

Stone Coffee Milk Stout

Stone Go To IPA with Vanilla and Lemon

Live Music at 8pm

CASK Tapping at 5pm

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So You Want to Open a Brewery in LA, Vol. III

Join moderator Tomm Carroll, LA correspondent for The Celebrator Beer News and LA Beer History writer for Beer Paper LA, for this third bi-annual LA Beer Week panel. Brewers who have started brewing professionally in Los Angeles in the last two years — or have plans to do so in the near future — discuss their experiences starting a brewery as they share their war stories, talk about their beers, and answer the questions that inquiring potential brewers have on their minds.

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So You Want to Be a Beer Judge?

Brewster’s @ Four Points by Sheraton LAX, 9750 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 United States + Google Map

Do you sniff, swirl and hold your beer up to the light before you taste it? You may have the makings of a Beer Judge.

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36th Annual California State Homebrew Competition

You can register your beers beginning Sept 22,2014 for the California State Homebrew Comp at http://www.nchfinfo.org/state-comp.html.

Get your entries to the shop by COB Monday, October 6 and the Maltose Falcons will ship them to San Francisco for you *free* as part of your perks for being a member of the greatest homebrew club in America!

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Upcoming Events

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